Frequently asked questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

Checks, Cash, Credit/Debit or PayPal. Credit/Debit are prefered.

If I sign up for recurring services, am I locked into a contract?

No. We do "Service Agreements". That just means we agree to do, or not do, the whole house or certain rooms at the frequency and price we agreed upon. You are free to terminate services at any time!

Can I get same-day service?

Sometimes you can! More often than not, our schedule is full a few days out. Occasionally, we have someone reschedule due to illness. In that case, we will have a spot open for a maintenance clean.

Can I trust whoever comes into my home?

All our cleaners are background checked, bonded and insured! We also make sure they are friendly, enjoy animals being underfoot and know how to field questions from curious 3 year olds!

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

Only if we drive to your house, can't get in AND you choose to skip instead of reschedule for the following day.

Do I have to leave while you clean?

Absolutely not! We LOVE our clients. For us, it is all about the relationship we have with you. While it does make the clean go faster, it is whatever you are comfortable with. We will never demand that you leave your own home.

Do I need to give you a key?

We prefer to have a way to get in, whether that is by key, unlocked door or garage code. The choice is yours. Your information and keys are safe with us.

Can I get a quote/book online?

Those features are coming soon. For now, use the contact us form and we will contact you ASAP!

I'm not happy with my clean. I want a refund.

We can't put the soap scum back in the showers and the dirt back on your floors. Well, we could but, we're not gonna. However, all of our services are backed by our Client Satisfaction Guarantee. That means we will come back out and reclean any areas that you are not happy with. Just call or text the office within 24 hours, send pics if possible and we will come out the next business day. Even if you don't wish for a reclean, please let us know if anything was missed! It sharpens our skills as a team!